Tucson: The maternity and neonatal chair confirmed by users

15 September 2020

Supporting a mother and baby during the postnatal stage is an essential part of the growth, recovery and development process.

After the arrival of a child, parents are over the moon to take their newborn home but for many reasons, this can’t always happen immediately.

Kangaroo care is an important method of postnatal care and is practiced widely in maternity and neonatal units. Not only does it help to boost the bond between parent and child but research has shown that the kangaroo care method increases the likelihood of breastfeeding, improves milk production and reduces the length of time spent in hospital.

With knowledge of these benefits and an understanding of the needs of new mothers and newborns, the Ocura team created a reclining chair with all of these important goals in mind. The Tucson, an obstetrics and postnatal-focused reclining chair, has improved the lives of parents and infants in maternity units and set the standards of care that all mothers and newborns deserve.


Why is seating that supports postnatal care so important? 

Parental involvement in the care of newborns is highly valued in many healthcare environments and is actively encouraged by care staff and medical professionals. However, there can also be a lot of complications in the postnatal stage that make this method of close physical care difficult.

Newborns, particularly premature babies, are fragile and this fragility can cause parents to be more reserved and frightened of handling their child. With this in mind, the Tucson was designed to wholly support mother and baby (or babies) while sat, even babies that are being additionally supported by machines such as ventilators.

The Tucson range of seating provides a highly comfortable, highly efficient space for parents to have contact with their newborn. Many sick or premature newborns can be admitted to specialist units for a period of 60 days and the parents need a solution to help them be close to their child for this period.

The goal of the Tucson is to make kangaroo care, expressing and bonding accessible and comfortable for all recovering mothers and newborns. The Tucson can be locked in the recline in any position, meaning the mum or partner feels safe holding their baby securely in a way that is comfortable.

A comfortable position enables mothers to relax, removing the worry of dropping the baby and the discomfort of standard seating that neglects the most basic of comfort needs. If a mother is relaxed then a baby can relax and the two can share a comfortable moment together while feeding or cuddling. The zero-gravity recline position means mum or partner can maintain kangaroo care, cuddles and feeding for an extended period of time without tiring.



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Why maternity and neonatal units confirm Tucson as their top choice

The Tucson is available with a range of options and add-ons. Different castor and footrest options provide additional support for mothers who have experienced difficult births or c-sections. This model also has a higher seat so entry/exit puts less pressure on the mother.

Certain models of Tucson can also be used as wheelchairs, allowing less mobile mothers to be securely moved to see their newborns and hold them safely. The height-adjustable arms make access easier and can be adjusted to support the arm while feeding and holding a baby.


“They [The Tucson] really are a big part of us providing excellent patient care” – Neonatal sister


The Tucson also has a wealth of benefits for maternity and neonatal care unit staff. Not only is it exceptionally rewarding for staff to see parents more comfortable engaging with their newborns because they feel safe while supported by the Tucson but they can be confident that parents are better equipped to handle their babies, reducing staff anxiety.

Even the complicated process of removing babies from incubators is more positive because staff are confident parents can support their child for a substantial period of time and all tubes and wires are effectively supported.

The high-quality design of Tucson is made to benefit all. The removable seat means the chair can be easily deep cleaned between uses and arm covers are fully washable and give extra padding for comfort, improving infection control and patient welfare. The range is also available in a wide variety of colours for good aesthetic.

By choosing Tucson, maternity and neonatal units have gone above and beyond the clinical standards that are expected to create a better patient experience. Choosing a healthcare seating solution that supports all-round should be normality rather than a luxury and by choosing the Tucson, healthcare environments are showing that they understand the specific needs of their patients.




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