Transforming a multi-purpose room at Queen’s Hospital, Romford

14 July 2020

How Ocura transforms healthcare environments with furniture

Ocura supplied healthcare furniture to Queen’s Hospital in Romford to support the hardworking staff and patients. The room that our team provided furniture for is a multi-purpose room. It was our goal to help create an environment for everyone to use and take advantage of with comfort and relaxation in mind.

Any patients that can get out of bed are encouraged to use it for activities such as reading. However, it can also be used to meet with family and speak with clinicians. The supplied furniture is extremely comfortable and can be used by relatives of end-of-life patients to get some rest on the premises, enabling them to remain close to their loved ones. Additionally, the room can also be used by staff to write up notes and chat with relatives and patients.



Featured furniture: 

Tulsa Soft Seating

Readybed Sleeper Chair

If you believe healthcare furniture could support your staff, then the Ocura team is here to help.

“Making [staff] feel valued and allowing them to re-energise and rejuvenate in order to look after their well-being is absolutely paramount.”

Do you have urgent requirements for Clinical, Ward or Reception Furniture for Isolation Areas, or require Furniture for Staff Rest Areas? Get in touch and Ocura will be there to help with products and services that you can rely on.