Supporting healthcare staff at Barts NHS trust

19 May 2020

The NHS is the frontline of care provision in the United Kingdom. The time of the pandemic is proving to be one of stress, anxiety and sometimes sickness for healthcare staff. They are working above and beyond expectation, leaving them physically and mentally exhausted. Having a place to rest means the absolute world.

The Barts NHS Trust wellbeing centre was set up to allow healthcare staff to step away from the demands of their roles and escape to a place where they can rest during breaks and before/after shifts.

As dedicated suppliers of healthcare furniture who know the importance of supporting staff welfare, the Ocura team stepped in to help.

How Ocura helped the staff at Barts NHS wellbeing centre

Ocura loaned four high-comfort recliners to the wellbeing centre to help improve staff comfort. The tired staff needed some comfortable furniture for rest and we were more than pleased to provide some respite.

The recliners were delivered to the wellbeing centre in less than 24 hours so that the staff could make use of them straight away! Once on-site, the recliners were distributed between three units to allow on-call doctors and other staff working around the clock to rest.

Ocura recliners are sturdy, wipe clean and come apart at the sides to allow extra thorough cleaning. In a hygienic environment, especially during an infectious pandemic, this is fundamental for infection control.

The staff at the wellbeing centre have also delighted over the way the recliner goes all the way back, making rest even more comfortable. By giving the staff at this important centre comfortable hospital chairs, they also feel valued while they re-energise and rejuvenate to preserve their wellbeing during this difficult time.

“Many [staff] have delighted in the fact that can recline all the way back. They are fabulous quality – they are sturdy, wipe clean and also come apart at the sides to allow extra thorough cleaning which is fab infection-control wise.”

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Could furniture in staff rest areas support your team?

Providing high-quality, efficient and comfortable healthcare furniture to staff rest areas makes hardworking staff feel appreciated and heard. They are working tirelessly to protect us at this time and will continue to work in the same way as we press forward.

The staff at Barts NHS trust are extremely grateful and were so excited to see the recliners arrive. By giving them a way to rest and recover with furniture from Ocura, it will help them continue to help our nation return to normal.

If you believe healthcare furniture could support your staff, then the Ocura team is here to help.

“Making [staff] feel valued and allowing them to re-energise and rejuvenate in order to look after their well-being is absolutely paramount.”

Do you have urgent requirements for Clinical, Ward or Reception Furniture for Isolation Areas, or require Furniture for Staff Rest Areas? Get in touch and Ocura will be there to help with products and services that you can rely on.

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