Our sustainability promise

10 May 2022

We are Ocura, we care. This care also extends to our planet.

This year we made a promise. To inspire exceptional people to create outstanding healthcare products with innovation and sustainability at the forefront. Firstly we create products that are designed and made to last and we source replacement parts where possible, extending the life cycle of the product.

Producing sustainable furniture involves a combination of new methods, materials, and investments. We are committing to implementing these changes to contribute to a cleaner world. Alongside the manufacturing process, we have examined our packaging and reduced our waste. However, investing in carbon offsetting may be our most impactful decision as tree planting is the most powerful climate change mitigator, with long and short-term environmental benefits.

We plant trees annually in MakeItWild’s nature reserves which can be found near Summerbridge, Harrogate. This allows us to compensate for our carbon emissions throughout the furniture manufacturing and delivery process for Odessa, Equala, and Arvada.

Supporting the NHS is at the heart of what we do, we are passionate about helping the NHS reach carbon neutral by 2040, by supplying them with furniture that is carbon neutral.

And so, we are proud to introduce our carbon-neutral products; Odessa, Arvada, and Equala.